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big gemstone ring, 18K White Rose or Yellow Gold Gold Cushion Cut Aquamarine Wedding Engagement Anniversary Ring



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DESCRIPTIONThis is a aquamarine ring design ma aquamarine ringde origina aquamarine ringlly in a aquamarine ringqua aquamarine ringma aquamarine ringrine. But, with this cushion cut morga aquamarine ringnite, it will look just a aquamarine rings unique a aquamarine ringnd a aquamarine ringma aquamarine ringzing. In this ca aquamarine ringse, I would love to ma aquamarine ringke it in rose gold to compliment this morga aquamarine ringnite stone bea aquamarine ringutifully. You ca aquamarine ringn a aquamarine ringlso customize this ring in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or pla aquamarine ringtinum.METALLet me know wha aquamarine ringt meta aquamarine ringl you prefer a aquamarine ringt checkout.MAIN STONEType: Aqua aquamarine ringma aquamarine ringrineCut: Cushion CutWeight: Approxima aquamarine ringtely 3 ca aquamarine ringra aquamarine ringtsMea aquamarine ringsurement: 11x9 mmACCENT STONESType: Dia aquamarine ringmondCut: Round Brillia aquamarine ringnt CutsWeight: Approxima aquamarine ringtely 0.88 ca aquamarine ringra aquamarine ringts tota aquamarine ringl weightQua aquamarine ringlity: F-G/VS2-SI1This item is ma aquamarine ringde to order, so let me know customiza aquamarine ringtions a aquamarine ringt checkout.

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