Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hope stone, Amazonite Free Form Pendant *1000029



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Bea necklaceutiful ha necklacend cra necklacefted Ama necklacezonite Penda necklacent. Iridescence a necklacend spa necklacerkle with bea necklaceutiful blue / green colors. One of a necklace kind.\r\rAma necklacezonite or "Ama necklacezon Stone" got its na necklaceme from green stones from the Ama necklacezon river, but Ama necklacezonite is not found there. It is a necklace iridescent green / blue va necklaceriety of microcline feldspa necklacer found in crysta necklacel form in Russia necklace a necklacend more recently in the USA. Due to it forming by crysta necklaceliza necklacetion, most specimins a necklacere fa necklaceirly sma necklacell in size a necklacend fra necklacecture ea necklacesily.\r\rIt is a necklacelso known a necklaces the "Hope Stone" beca necklaceuse it inspires confidence a necklacend hope a necklacend enha necklacences crea necklacetive expression.\r\rCha necklaceins a necklacend Gift Boxes a necklaceva necklaceila necklaceble in our Cha necklacein, String, Gift Box section. This penda necklacent would look exceptiona necklacel with one of our solid sterling silver neckla necklacece cha necklaceins.

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