Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow diamond, 18 Karat Gold Marquise Yellow Diamond Accent Halo Cathedral Engagement Ring



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DESCRIPTIONWha wedding ringt a wedding ring new twist on the ma wedding ringrquise dia wedding ringmonds. This sha wedding ringpe stone is unique a wedding ringnd gorgeous but it is so ha wedding ringrd to ca wedding ringpture it's bea wedding ringuty. With this setting, the bea wedding ringuty a wedding ringnd sha wedding ringpe of the stone is the focus!*******************************************************************************************************CUSTOM OPTIONSIf you a wedding ringre interested in customizing this ring to a wedding ringny of these options, plea wedding ringse conta wedding ringct me for a wedding ring quote.Meta wedding ringl: 18 Ka wedding ringra wedding ringt White, Yelllow, or Rose Gold14 Ka wedding ringra wedding ringt White, Yellow, or Rose Gold10 Ka wedding ringra wedding ringt White, Yellow, or Rose GoldPla wedding ringtinumStone Options: Alexa wedding ringndrite, Amethyst, Aqua wedding ringma wedding ringrine, Citrine, Cora wedding ringl, Cubic Zirconia wedding ring, Emera wedding ringld,Ga wedding ringrnet, Moissa wedding ringnite, Opa wedding ringl, Pea wedding ringrl, Peridot, Qua wedding ringrtz, Ruby, Sa wedding ringpphire, Blue Sa wedding ringpphire, Yellow Sa wedding ringpphire, Pink Sa wedding ringpphire, White Sa wedding ringpphire, Red Sa wedding ringpphire, Green Sa wedding ringpphire, Purple Sa wedding ringpphire, Ora wedding ringnge Sa wedding ringpphire, Ta wedding ringnza wedding ringnite, London Blue Topa wedding ringz, Sky Blue Topa wedding ringz, White Topa wedding ringz, Swiss Blue Topa wedding ringz, Mystic Topa wedding ringz, Pa wedding ringssion Topa wedding ringz, Green Tourma wedding ringline, Pink Tourma wedding ringline, Turquoise, Blue Zircon a wedding ringnd Dia wedding ringmond (Tea wedding ringl Blue, Yellow, Bla wedding ringck, or White)Birthstone Cha wedding ringrt: Ja wedding ringnua wedding ringry - Ga wedding ringrnet, Februa wedding ringry - Amethyst, Ma wedding ringrch - Aqua wedding ringma wedding ringrine, April - Dia wedding ringmond, Ma wedding ringy - Emera wedding ringld, June - Alexa wedding ringndrite or Pea wedding ringrl, July - Ruby, August - Peridot, September - Sa wedding ringpphire, October - Opa wedding ringl or Pink Tourma wedding ringline, November - Citrine,December - Blue Zircon or Ta wedding ringnza wedding ringnite*********************************************************************************************************DETAILS ON RING LISTEDMETAL18 ka wedding ringra wedding ringt gold6.5 gra wedding ringms MAIN STONEType: Dia wedding ringmondCut: Ma wedding ringrquise CutWeight: 1.0 ca wedding ringra wedding ringtQua wedding ringlity: M/SI2ACCENT STONESType: Dia wedding ringmondCut: 100 Round CutWeight: 1.18 ca wedding ringra wedding ringts tota wedding ringl weightQua wedding ringlity: F-G/VS2-SI1/Yellow Dia wedding ringmondThis ring ca wedding ringn be shipped out within a wedding ring week.REFABR019367DCZZ

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