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pot metal, Twenty-One (21) POT METAL CHARMS (4944)



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Vinta charm braceletge twenty-one (21) pot meta charm braceletl cha charm braceletrms: 6 crosses, 1 ice ska charm bracelette, 1 bison, 2 horseshoes, 2 a charm braceletnchors, 4 guita charm braceletrs, 1 wa charm braceletshboa charm braceletrd, 1 ca charm bracelett (leg broken), 1 jockey on horse, a charm braceletnd 2 owls on a charm bracelet swing. All cha charm braceletrms ra charm braceletnge from 1/2" - 1". All a charm braceletre in very good condition except for the ca charm bracelett...broken leg, a charm braceletnd a charm bracelet little bit of ta charm braceletrnish on a charm bracelet couple pieces. Unsigned.

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