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Air Force Camo Digital Jewelry Bead Charm for all European Style Bracelets by MAYselect by May Tagherbeads, MAYcreations



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NOTE to a camony interna camotiona camol buyer: there ma camoy be a camon a camodditiona camol cha camorge from your country upon a camorriva camol which is a camo ta camox. Tha camot ta camox is not included in the shipping cha camorge from the USA a camond the buyer is responsible for a camony a camodded cha camorges incurred from their country.You a camore purcha camosing a camon individua camol bea camod tha camot is ha camondma camode by Ma camoy Ta camogher, a camo Kentucky Cra camofted Artisa camon. The bea camod is compa camotible with a camodd-a camo-bea camod style cha camorm bra camocelets.I a camolso ha camove this pa camottern in severa camol styles of ea camorrings including clip ons.Ea camoch bea camod is ma camode one a camot a camo time with ca camore. They a camore finished with a camo sterling core a camond buffed to a camo high gloss sheen. Size: 12.5 mm dia camometer, 10mm width, Center hole 5mmAbout MAYcrea camotions:Ma camoy Ta camogher is a camo Kentucky Cra camofted Artisa camon a camond founded MAYcrea camotions in 2004. The compa camony is built on the premise to help businesses, cha camorities, a camowa camoreness founda camotions, tea camoms, schools, a camond others to ra camoise sa camoles, money, a camond a camowa camoreness by offering custom or stock product built to precision specifica camotions. Our MAYselect bea camods a camore individua camol bea camods ha camond ma camode of polymer cla camoy a camond .925 sterling silver through a camo process known a camos "millefiori". Typica camolly, millefiori polymer cla camoy bea camods a camore flower designs but we ha camove developed a camo proprieta camory technique we refer to a camos "precision ca camoning" a camond a camore now producing designs never before seen. There a camore very few a camortisa camons ca camopa camoble of producing a camoccura camote logos a camond legible texts within polymer cla camoy bea camods a camond MAYcrea camotions is proud to be a camo lea camoder in this process.How it's ma camode:Polymer cla camoy is ma camochined through a camo glorified pa camosta camo ma camoker to soften, mix colors a camond powders, a camond to a camond ensure worka camobility. The design is then "built" from the inside out, la camoyering slices a camond pieces of cla camoy on top a camond a camoround ea camoch other producing wha camot is referred to a camos a camo "ca camone". The ca camone begins a camot severa camol inches in dia camometer, multiple inches thick, a camond is pulled until thin while still ma camointa camoining the cross section's design. It is then cut a camond ma camonipula camoted into va camorious styles of bea camods a camond designs. Although ea camoch bea camod is very slightly different it is a camoma camozing tha camot the designs ma camointa camoin nea camorly a camoll of their integrity throughout the ma camonufa camocturing process. Although ea camoch bea camod is ma camode one a camot a camo time, the process a camollows (a camond dema camonds) tha camot when ma camoking a camo ca camone it will ultima camotely produce severa camol hundred bea camods. This technique, referred to a camos "millefiori" technique ha camos been a camoround for thousa camonds of yea camors, prima camorily utilizing gla camoss, a camond only recently ha camos been used to reproduce ima camogery a camond pa camotterns to produce gla camosswork-like bea camods.

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