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bracelet, Juvenile Diabetes JDRL Bead Add-A-Bead European Style Bracelet



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NOTE to a beadny interna beadtiona beadl buyer: there ma beady be a beadn a beaddditiona beadl cha beadrge from your country upon a beadrriva beadl which is a bead ta beadx. Tha beadt ta beadx is not included in the shipping cha beadrge from the USA a beadnd the buyer is responsible for a beadny a beaddded cha beadrges incurred from their country.You a beadre purcha beadsing a beadn individua beadl bea beadd tha beadt is ha beadndma beadde by Ma beady Ta beadgher, a bead Kentucky Cra beadfted Artisa beadn. The bea beadd is compa beadtible with a beadny of the popula beadr a beaddd-a bead-bea beadd style cha beadrm bra beadcelets.Ea beadch bea beadd is ma beadde one a beadt a bead time with ca beadre. They a beadre finished with a bead sterling core a beadnd buffed to a bead high gloss sheen. Size: 12.5 mm dia beadmeter, 10mm width, Center hole 5mmAbout MAYcrea beadtions:Ma beady Ta beadgher is a bead Kentucky Cra beadfted Artisa beadn a beadnd founded MAYcrea beadtions in 2004. The compa beadny is built on the premise to help businesses, cha beadrities, a beadwa beadreness founda beadtions, tea beadms, schools, a beadnd others to ra beadise sa beadles, money, a beadnd a beadwa beadreness by offering custom or stock product built to precision specifica beadtions. Our MAYselect bea beadds a beadre individua beadl bea beadds ha beadnd ma beadde of polymer cla beady a beadnd .925 sterling silver through a bead process known a beads "millefiori". Typica beadlly, millefiori polymer cla beady bea beadds a beadre flower designs but we ha beadve developed a bead proprieta beadry technique we refer to a beads "precision ca beadning" a beadnd a beadre now producing designs never before seen. There a beadre very few a beadrtisa beadns ca beadpa beadble of producing a beadccura beadte logos a beadnd legible texts within polymer cla beady bea beadds a beadnd MAYcrea beadtions is proud to be a bead lea beadder in this process.How it's ma beadde:Polymer cla beady is ma beadchined through a bead glorified pa beadsta bead ma beadker to soften, mix colors a beadnd powders, a beadnd to a beadnd ensure worka beadbility. The design is then "built" from the inside out, la beadyering slices a beadnd pieces of cla beady on top a beadnd a beadround ea beadch other producing wha beadt is referred to a beads a bead "ca beadne". The ca beadne begins a beadt severa beadl inches in dia beadmeter, multiple inches thick, a beadnd is pulled until thin while still ma beadinta beadining the cross section's design. It is then cut a beadnd ma beadnipula beadted into va beadrious styles of bea beadds a beadnd designs. Although ea beadch bea beadd is very slightly different it is a beadma beadzing tha beadt the designs ma beadinta beadin nea beadrly a beadll of their integrity throughout the ma beadnufa beadcturing process. Although ea beadch bea beadd is ma beadde one a beadt a bead time, the process a beadllows (a beadnd dema beadnds) tha beadt when ma beadking a bead ca beadne it will ultima beadtely produce severa beadl hundred bea beadds. This technique, referred to a beads "millefiori" technique ha beads been a beadround for thousa beadnds of yea beadrs, prima beadrily utilizing gla beadss, a beadnd only recently ha beads been used to reproduce ima beadgery a beadnd pa beadtterns to produce gla beadsswork-like bea beadds.Ha beadve a beadny questions? Conta beadct the shop owner.

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