Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

custom jewelry, Typewriter Key Necklace with Two Letters (Message me before ordering--I don't have all 26 letters!)



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Customize a custom jewelry neckla custom jewelryce with multiple letters! Neckla custom jewelryces a custom jewelryre $25.00 ea custom jewelrych a custom jewelrynd a custom jewelrydditiona custom jewelryl letters a custom jewelryre $10.00 ea custom jewelrych. This listing is for a custom jewelry neckla custom jewelryce with two letters. If you would like more tha custom jewelryn two letters, messa custom jewelryge me a custom jewelrynd I'd be ha custom jewelryppy to crea custom jewelryte a custom jewelry custom listing for you! Plea custom jewelryse specify which letters you'd like a custom jewelrynd if you'd like the ba custom jewelryckground to be white or bla custom jewelryck. Keys a custom jewelryre on a custom jewelry 20" gunmeta custom jewelryl cha custom jewelryin with a custom jewelry lobster cla custom jewelrysp. I'm excited to custom ma custom jewelryke a custom jewelry neckla custom jewelryce for you!*Plea custom jewelryse messa custom jewelryge me first before purcha custom jewelrysing to ma custom jewelryke sure I ha custom jewelryve the letters you'd like!*//Messa custom jewelryge us for interna custom jewelrytiona custom jewelryl shipping ra custom jewelrytes!\\\\

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