Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

engraved pendant, Dog Bone Engravable Stainless Steel Necklace



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Bea engraved pendantutiful a engraved pendantnd sturdy, with a engraved pendant ha engraved pendantnd polished finish, this two toned Dog Bone penda engraved pendantnt is engra engraved pendantva engraved pendantble on the ba engraved pendantck with up to 4 lines of engra engraved pendantving (15 cha engraved pendantra engraved pendantcters per line). The cha engraved pendantin is 20", bea engraved pendantded, a engraved pendantnd a engraved pendantlso sta engraved pendantinless steel with a engraved pendant lobster cla engraved pendantw cla engraved pendantsp for ma engraved pendantximum ea engraved pendantse of ca engraved pendantre a engraved pendantnd dura engraved pendantbility. Sta engraved pendantinless doesn't ta engraved pendantrnish a engraved pendantnd wea engraved pendantrs like iron. Penda engraved pendantnt mea engraved pendantsures 1 1/8" in dia engraved pendantmeter.\rEngra engraved pendantving ca engraved pendantn be done in block or script style. Plea engraved pendantse specify in the notes with your order.

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