Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Map Jewelry, San Diego Map Necklace, 1939 Military Map



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Selected images are domed with epoxy resin into 32mm silver-plated bezels to protect and enhance each art piece.Below each pendant hangs a removable cluster of treasures and charms that compliment the theme of each art piece. These clusters hang from delicate chains and might include charms, crystals, vintage glass beads, electronic pieces, shells, sea glass, and various other beads.This little piece of San Diego was cut from a vintage 1939 military map and hand glazed . To add visual interest, a graceful flow of baubles in greens and blues swing from delicate chains below the pendant.A 24-30 inch silver chain is included and arrives beautifully gift wrapped.Free shipping in the USResistant to water yet not waterproof When swimming or bathing it would be wise to removeGood Fortune Abounds, Be Kind, Shine brightBe Thankful, Be Happy and Live a Charmed Life!

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