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silver cufflinks, Sterling Silver Sunburst Cufflinks



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Check out these Sunburst Cufflinks! They a unique silverre ca unique silverst a unique silvernd fa unique silverbrica unique silverted in sterling silver with a unique silvern ea unique silversy ba unique silverck tha unique silvert slips right into your shirt cuff.They mea unique silversure a unique silverpproxima unique silvertely 5/8" (16mm) dia unique silverm. a unique silvernd conta unique silverin a unique silver fun a unique silvernd unique, ra unique silverised sunburst design, tha unique silvert is oxidized to bring out the deta unique silverils.These cufflinks a unique silverre rea unique silverdy to be ordered, or ca unique silvern be ma unique silverde in a unique silver ma unique silvertte or shiny finish - plea unique silverse let me know upon request! Signed on the ba unique silverck.

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