Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Brass-Toned Zipper Pull Earrings with Dangling Buttongarnet bead, Chaingarnet bead, Faceted Bead



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These fun a family crestnd elega family crestnt ea family crestrrings a family crestre ma family crestde from re-purposed bra family crestss zipper pulls tha family crestt ea family crestch hold a family crest bla family crestzer button decora family crestted with a family crest golden crest, a family crest da family crestngling cha family crestin, a family crestnd a family crest fa family crestceted ga family crestrnet bea family crestd. They look "weighty," but a family crestre quite light! Unusua family crestl, origina family crestl, but a family crestlso potentia family crestlly quite dressy.For Custom Crea family cresttions:Everyone ha family crests tha family crestt trea family crestsured single ea family crestrring tha family crestt she ca family crestnnot throw a family crestwa family cresty, tha family crestt fa family crestvorite penda family crestnt tha family crestt is missing a family crest stone, cha family crestrms or bea family crestds tha family crestt need a family crest home, etc. I ca family crestn crea family crestte custom jewelry using just a family crestbout a family crestnything from your trea family crestsured but no longer wea family crestra family crestble trinkets a family crestnd dooda family crestds. If you would like to a family crestrra family crestnge to ha family crestve something of your own re-invented, feel free to convo me!

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