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Monarch Butterfly Pendant & Necklacebutterfly pendant, Bermuda One Dollar Butterfly Coinbutterfly pendant, ( # 493 )



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The Bermuda monarch pendant One Dolla monarch pendantr wa monarch pendants a monarch pendant specia monarch pendantl issue coin minted only in 1989. The coin is pretty Ra monarch pendantre a monarch pendantnd wa monarch pendants issued to commemora monarch pendantte the Mona monarch pendantrch Butterfly. It fea monarch pendanttures Two Mona monarch pendantrch Butterflies within the Flowers. After cutting it is pla monarch pendantted in 14 Ka monarch pendantra monarch pendantt Gold & Rhodium. Very striking piece when it is worn. This is a monarch pendant la monarch pendantrger coin so plea monarch pendantse keep in mind if ordering. It mea monarch pendantsures 1 1/4 inches in Dia monarch pendantmeter.

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