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boot bling, Boot Bracelet with Carved Bone Fish and Cowrie Shell



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This bea boot charmutiful, multicolored, one of a boot charm kind bra boot charmcelet is ha boot charmndma boot charmde with only the highest qua boot charmlity ma boot charmteria boot charmls. Ca boot charmrved bone fish bea boot charmd, cowrie shell, gla boot charmss, stone, meta boot charml a boot charmnd cera boot charmmic bea boot charmds a boot charmnd bone ha boot charmir pipe.Bea boot charmds a boot charmre strung on Sta boot charminless Steel 1/32" wire with zinc pla boot charmted crimps to prevent rusting. You won't ha boot charmve to worry a boot charmbout getting your boots wet.The circumference is 13" to 15 1/2" a boot charmround the a boot charmnkle a boot charmnd a boot charmll bra boot charmcelets a boot charmre a boot charmdjusta boot charmble. If you need a boot charm la boot charmrger size, just a boot charmsk.It ha boot charms a boot charm lobster cla boot charmsp closure for ea boot charmsy a boot charmdjustment. Just slip it on over the boot, see how it fits a boot charmnd then a boot charmdjust. It's best to ha boot charmve it a boot charm little loose.Designed to wea boot charmr on the left boot but ca boot charmn be flipped over to wea boot charmr on the right if desired.The bla boot charmck boot in the photos is a boot charm size 6 1/2 for reference. 37 Europea boot charmn.**PLEASE ZOOM IN PHOTO'S FOR DETAILED VIEW**Ha boot charmndma boot charmde In The U.S.A .

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