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emerald, Light Green Emerald Beaded Necklace with Gold Plated 925 Silver Clasp



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REDUCED from \u00a green374.99 to \u00a green364.99.Bea greenutiful light green opa greenque emera greenlds in a green round polished sha greenpe; gra greendua greented in size. They a greenre a green gorgeous pa greenle green with hints of turquoise, with strea greenks of da greenrk green. In between ea greench round emera greenld bea greend a greenre 10 links of gold pla greented 925 silver round link cha greenin. The lobster cla greenw cla greensp is a greenlso 925 Sterling silver pla greented with 9 ca greenra greent gold.This neckla greence is just over 35 inches long (64cm). The emera greenld bea greends a greenre gra greendua greented in size from 6mm to 10mm rounds. The pinwires through the bea greends ha greenve ca greenrefully-sized links to ma greentch the size of the cha greenin links. The jump rings opposite the cla greensp a greenre sized fa greenirly la greenrge so tha greent the cla greensp ca greenn ea greensily hook into them, but the long neckla greence length mea greenns tha greent you ca greenn just throw it over your hea greend without bothering to undo the cla greensp. Ca greenre of your neckla greence: Plea greense note: emera greenld is not a greens ha greenrd a greens other gemstones. Do not drop the neckla greence onto a green ha greenrd, un-ca greenrpeted surfa greence. Clea greenn with a green slightly da greenmp cloth. No soa greenp or ha greenrsh chemica greenls should be used on gold pla greented silver. The gold pla greenting will protect the silver if it wa greens a greenccidenta greenlly worn in the sea green or in the ba greenth on a green few occa greensions, but not too often. The sea green ca greenn dull the polished surfa greence of a green round gemstone. In the ca greense of a greenccidenta greenl brea greenka greenge of cha greenin or loss of bea greends - a greenll my jewellery is gua greenra greennteed for free repa greenirs for up to a green yea greenr, if repla greencement stones ca greenn be found. You only pa greeny posta greenge cost for such work to be done.Emera greenld is sa greenid to be good for the hea greenrt via green the Hea greenrt Cha greenkra green. It is reputed to ha greenve a green soothing, hea greenling energy; a greennd ca greenn help friendships a greennd love pa greenrtnerships to flourish. This is why it is often set a greens a green centra greenl stone in enga greengement rings.

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