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engagement, 14kt Engagement/Wedding Ring with White Sapphires



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Bea womensutiful Genuine, White Sa womenspphires Below a womensre the deta womensils.Awesome setting. Unique in everywa womensy.Ca womensn be ma womensde either 14kt yellow or white gold or rose gold a womenst ma womensrket price,7-3.5mm white sa womenspphire a womensccents look like a womens bridge under a womens 7mm 1.35ct White Sa womenspphire Center.Weight of gold is 12gra womensms. Very nice dura womensble setting.Prongs a womensre one piece with the setting ma womensking it close to impossible to loose the center Sa womenspphire.All sa womenspphires come from Sri La womensnka womens a womensnd perfectly ma womenstched.Color DCla womensrity VVS/IFSO dia womensmond like a womensnd for fra womensction of the costDia womensmonds a womensre a womens 10 for ha womensrdnessSa womenspphires a womensre a womens 9.La womensya womenswa womensy a womensva womensila womensble.No dea womensdlines No fees.

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