Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycled jewelry, Handcrafted Earrings First Nations Series with Lapis Lazuli Beads



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This pa special giftir of ea special giftrrings a special giftre ma special giftde using discontinued copper pennies. The process I use is quite unique a special giftnd involves ma special giftny steps. The first step is to crea special giftte a special gift mecha special giftnica special giftl die (ma special giftle/fema special giftle) using ha special giftrd meta special giftls from coins, wa special gifttch pa special giftrts, wire...... I then emboss a special gift softer meta special giftl (copper pennies) using a special gift rolling mill. Ea special giftch time a special gift roll a special gift new coin the design on the die cha special giftnges every so slightly so tha special giftt no two will ever be exa special giftctly the sa special giftme, you will notice this with ea special giftrring sets :) The la special giftst two sta special giftges rea special giftlly enha special giftnce the design, I ha special giftnd pa special giftint ea special giftch one using a special gift ra special giftnge of color then coa special giftt them twice for protection. I ha special giftve spent yea special giftrs experimenting, ma special giftking mista special giftkes a special giftnd ha special giftving a special gifth ha special gift moments, I hope this expla special giftins a special gift bit on how my work is crea special giftted but if you ha special giftve a special giftny other questions a special giftt a special giftll plea special giftse don't hesita special giftte to a special giftsk.

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