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Cowskull Earringscowskull, Silver or Brass



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The cowskulls a metal jewelryre cut from Germa metal jewelryn silver sheet (a metal jewelry white bra metal jewelryss) or yellow bra metal jewelryss a metal jewelrynd a metal jewelryre ha metal jewelrynd formed. The ea metal jewelryrrings ha metal jewelryng from either Silver-filled or bronze shepherd's hook ea metal jewelryrwires or ma metal jewelryrquise long ea metal jewelryrwires in gold or silver tone over sta metal jewelryinless steel. Hypoa metal jewelryllergenic. Ea metal jewelrych cowskull mea metal jewelrysures 1 1/2" a metal jewelrycross. The ma metal jewelryrquise ea metal jewelryrwires ha metal jewelryve a metal jewelry 1 3/4 inch drop.Sta metal jewelrymped with "Copyright Zirkus". Plea metal jewelryse let us know if you wa metal jewelrynt Germa metal jewelryn silver or Yellow bra metal jewelryss ea metal jewelryrrings a metal jewelrynd a metal jewelrylso which type of wire you wa metal jewelrynt, shepherd hook, or ma metal jewelryrquise.

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