Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round beads, Spring Fever: Lemon quartz; quartz bracelet; natural stone; boho; jewelry; stone bracelet;



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This delica round beadste a round beadsnd tra round beadsnslucent rutila round beadsted lemon qua round beadsrtz bra round beadscelet will go with so ma round beadsny things! I ha round beadsve this strung with ha round beadsnd wra round beadspped sterling jewelry wire a round beadsnd finished with a round beads sterling toggle cla round beadssp. This bra round beadscelet mea round beadssures 8 inches in length.Qua round beadsrtz Dimensions: 12x11mmYour bra round beadscelet will a round beadsrrive in a round beads white gift box tied with bla round beadsck ribbon a round beadsnd a round beads pretty pink orga round beadsnza round beads gift ba round beadsg for stora round beadsge a round beadsnd sa round beadsfekeeping!Tha round beadsnk you for looking-Ahnna round beads

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