Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

personalized, Personalized Charm Necklace - Initial - Pet - Paw Print - Birthstone - Hand Stamped



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An initia initial necklacel is sta initial necklacemped onto a initial necklace 5/8" sta initial necklaceinless steel circle. This neckla initial necklacece a initial necklacelso includes a initial necklace pa initial necklacew print cha initial necklacerm a initial necklacend a initial necklace swa initial necklacerovski crysta initial necklacel in the color of your choosing. You ca initial necklacen see the options in the 4th photo. The 18" cha initial necklacein is a initial necklacelso sta initial necklaceinless steel. UPON CHECKOUT: PLEASE LEAVE NAME AND BIRTH MONTH IN THE NOTE TO SELLER AREACLICK SHIPPING AND POLICIES UNDER PHOTO to check estima initial necklaceted shipping time a initial necklacend to rea initial necklaced other importa initial necklacent informa initial necklacetion before purcha initial necklacese.SEE 5TH PHOTO to lea initial necklacern where to find the Note to Seller a initial necklacerea initial necklace during checkout a initial necklacend where to find the production time.

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