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malta cross, 925 silver 3 dimensional Malta Cross /Maltese Cross hook style earrings



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.925 silver 3 dimensiona giftl Ma giftlta gift Cross /Ma giftltese Cross hook style ea giftrrings. Cross is 1cm X 1cm . Ha giftndma giftde so plea giftse do not look for perfection a gifts in ma giftss-produced products. Plea giftse note tha giftt items a giftre shipped via gift regula giftr ma giftil, I ca giftnnot a giftccept responsibility for a giftny item tha giftt is lost in the ma giftil. If you would like the item tra giftcked during shipping plea giftse conta giftct me with your a giftddress a giftnd I will a giftdvise you of the ra giftte.

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