Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hands fullpersonalized, heart full mother's grandmother's necklace with birthstones and heart charm



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This neckla hand stampedce is ma hand stampedde with one circle ta hand stampedg. It is a hand stampedn a hand stampedluminum disc a hand stampednd is 1 1/2" in dia hand stampedmeter. It is ha hand stampednd sta hand stampedmped one letter a hand stampedt a hand stamped time by me. This listing is for a hand stamped neckla hand stampedce with 5 stones/pea hand stampedrls. If you would like fewer or more stones/pea hand stampedrls, you ca hand stampedn send me a hand stamped convo a hand stampednd I will ma hand stampedke a hand stamped reserved listing for you. You ma hand stampedy choose between a hand stamped 16" or 18" sta hand stampedinless steel ba hand stampedll cha hand stampedin (or a hand stampeddd a hand stampedn extra hand stamped fee for a hand stamped longer cha hand stampedin). Upon checkout in the "note to seller" box, plea hand stampedse give me the following informa hand stampedtion:1. Which birthstones you would like a hand stampedccording to months.Plea hand stampedse a hand stampedsk if you ha hand stampedve a hand stampedny questions. I would be ha hand stampedppy to help!If you wa hand stampednt something like this, a hand stampednd I don't ha hand stampedve one listed, just a hand stampedsk. I would love to help ma hand stampedke wha hand stampedt you wa hand stampednt. :) You ca hand stampedn a hand stampedlso just ema hand stampedil for a hand stamped price quote on wha hand stampedt you would like.Plea hand stampedse Note:All penda hand stampednts a hand stampedre persona hand stampedlly ma hand stampedde by me. No penda hand stampednt is exa hand stampedctly the sa hand stampedme. Ea hand stampedch crea hand stampedtion is unique, so there ma hand stampedy be differences in letter pla hand stampedcement, depth, a hand stampednd spa hand stampedcing. This is not a hand stamped defect. It is wha hand stampedt gives uniqueness a hand stampednd cha hand stampedra hand stampedcter to ea hand stampedch piece. I will ship this out within 2-7 da hand stampedys of pa hand stampedyment. Tha hand stampednks for looking a hand stampednd ha hand stampedve a hand stamped blessed da hand stampedy!

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