Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Earring 'Poppetjes'



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PoppetjesPP 016-14Ma unique giftteria unique giftl: meta unique giftl silver coloredButton: pla unique giftstic, blue, 16 mm dia unique giftmeterDoll: woodTrue minia unique giftture pieces of a unique giftrt a unique giftnd vinta unique giftge toys, a unique giftn old dollhouse is a unique gift delightful collection of memories. In the series 'Poppetjes' these minia unique gifttures a unique giftre combined with vinta unique giftge buttons for a unique gift pla unique giftyful a unique giftnd fresh combina unique gifttion tha unique giftt will be loved by young a unique giftnd old!My na unique giftme is Alexa unique giftndra unique gift Huurma unique giftn a unique giftnd I a unique giftm Studio Texlex. Designing, for me, is reinterpreting, re-using a unique giftnd fa unique giftnta unique giftsizing with ma unique giftteria unique giftl. Alwa unique giftys sea unique giftrching for tha unique giftt little bit of serendipity tha unique giftt ma unique giftkes a unique giftn ordina unique giftry design something specia unique giftl.If you ha unique giftve a unique gift pa unique giftir of buttons or toys a unique giftt home tha unique giftt you would love to use in a unique gift piece of jewelry, feel free to conta unique giftct me for the options!

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