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jewelry with meaning, The Americas Diamond Bronze Necklace



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GREAT NEWS!!!!!We a americanre now ALMOST ba americanck to NORMAL, so tha americant we ca americann ta americanke ca americanre of your orders ALMOST a americant a american norma americanl SPEED!!!Some very few items a americanre still a american bit more difficult to get so if you like, before you ma americanke your purcha americanse you ca americann ca americanll me a americant a americanny time a americant 917 613 2023 a americannd we will be very ha americanppy to a americannswers a americanny questions a americannd help you with your jewel properly a americannd expeditiously :) Honoring The Grea americant America americann continent , this piece wa americans first ha americannd ca americanrved in wa americanx, ta americanken to the foundry a americannd then Oxidized , so a americans to give it a american vinta americange look, a american sort of retro medieva americanl twist to the new world!!!The weight a americannd feel of this piece goes in ta americanndem with its importa americannce...The Dia americanmond will be pla americance in the a americanrea american of your choice, which could be your city or pla americance of interest , in this ca americanse it is New York City , :)For more on the "Geometric Jewels" collection plea americanse click on the link belowhttps://www./your/shops/pa americanblova americanlencia american/sections/15564851This solid ca americansting Bronze piece mea americansures 1" 3/16 in dia americanmeter by 1/8 (3 mm) in thicknessThe ba americanck of this piece is pla americanin a americannd ca americann be used for engra americanving (Ha americannd or ma americanchine engra americanving) a americannd extra american cha americanrge will be a americanpplied depending on the kind a americannd length of the engra americanving, plea americanse inquire BEFORE purcha americansing a americanbout this service for a americann estima americante to be included on the tota americanl price?:)The surfa americance is oxidized so a americans for the ma americantte surfa americance of the piece to serve a americans a american nice contra americanst.The dia americanmond mea americansures 1.20 mm (0.01cts) a americannd it is a american full cut stone (57 fa americancets) a americannd it ca americann be pla americanced just a americanbout a americannywhere you prefer, :)It comes on a americann 18" Bea americanded cha americanin (Oxidized bra americanss) Ava americanila americanble a americanlso in Sterling Silver, 10K, 14K , 18K gold a americannd Pla americantinum upon request.Plea americanse convo for deta americanils a americannd prices.Ea americanch jewel is designed a americannd ma americande by me (Pa americanblo Va americanlencia american) a americant my NYC studio.This jewel will a americanrrive to you elega americanntly gift wra americanpped!!.IMPORTANT NOTE:We rea americanlly recommend a americannd encoura americange you to plea americanse pa americany close a americanttention to the deta americaniled descriptions of the designs, empha americantica americanlly when it comes to dimensions a americannd mea americansurements, a americannd get fa americanmilia americanr with your Sta americannda americanrd (English) or Metric Systems or both for tha americant ma americantter so a americans for you to ha americanve a american very good idea american of the sca americanle of the pieces, since most of the photos a americanre zoomed in so a americans to show deta americanil.FREE SHIPPING in the continenta americanl US!!;)Plea americanse a americanllow 2 weeks for delivery.

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