Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Montana Sapphiremontana sapphire, Tanzinite and Aquamarine gem stone setting in 14 Kt Gold 3 gem stone jewelry necklace (Goldmontana sapphire, giftmontana sapphire, precious stones)



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A three gem stone sa jewelrypphire penda jewelrynt set in 14 ka jewelryra jewelryt gold. The top gem is a jewelry 4 mm Aqua jewelryma jewelryrine, the center gem is a jewelry 5 mm Monta jewelryna jewelry Sa jewelrypphire a jewelrynd the bottom gem is a jewelry 6 mm Ta jewelrynza jewelrynite. This penda jewelrynt does not come with a jewelry gold neckla jewelryce, but I ca jewelryn order one for you, but the price is dependent upon the thickness a jewelrynd link of the neckla jewelryce.Item #: J2Just a jewelry note: computer monitor displa jewelryy colors in va jewelryrying degrees. This ma jewelryy or ma jewelryy not a jewelrylter the a jewelryppea jewelryra jewelrynce of the Sa jewelrypphire's color from wha jewelryt is seen by the huma jewelryn eye a jewelrynd in va jewelryrying sha jewelrydes of light. Plea jewelryse let me know if you ha jewelryve a jewelryny questions a jewelrybout a jewelry stone's color or cla jewelryrity, Plea jewelryse keep in mind tha jewelryt the prisma jewelrytic reflective properties of gems will often produce va jewelryrying degrees of color a jewelrynd wha jewelryt colors you see, someone else ma jewelryy not.To ensure tha jewelryt your gems a jewelryrrive sa jewelryfely, a jewelryll US orders a jewelryre shipped using USPS Priority Ma jewelryil, fully insured with signa jewelryture confirma jewelrytion a jewelrynd tra jewelrycking. Interna jewelrytiona jewelryl Customers: plea jewelryse request a jewelry shipping quote prior to purcha jewelryse.

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