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red rocket, TTC Toronto Transit Commission Vintage Cufflinks



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TTC cufflinks ma ttcde with used vinta ttcge TTC tokens. Plea ttcse not the tokens a ttcre used so they ha ttcve some wea ttcr on them. Look closely a ttct the photos they ha ttcve different wea ttcr pa ttctterns a ttcnd logos.The ba ttccking did not a ttcll centre properly so some a ttcre off centre, it does not effect the wea ttcring a ttcnd is not seen when worn, plea ttcse see the photo.IMPORTANT: order by the number on the photo, tha ttct is the pa ttcir you will receive. I will remove tha ttct photo a ttcs soon a ttcs the pa ttcir is sold so no one else orders them a ttcnd they a ttcre not a ttcva ttcila ttcble.I ma ttcke no money from the posta ttcge, it is set by CPC I will ma ttcil the cufflinks out by Express Post ra ttcther tha ttcn regula ttcr pa ttcrcel which costs a ttclmost the sa ttcme.

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