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trinket box japan, Vintage Porcelain Napcoware Japanese Trinket Box - Gold Toned Metal Floral Rose Porcelain Box



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Vinta porcelain flowersge Porcela porcelain flowersin Na porcelain flowerspcowa porcelain flowersre Ja porcelain flowerspa porcelain flowersnese Trinket Box - Gold Toned Meta porcelain flowersl Flora porcelain flowersl Rose Porcela porcelain flowersin Box - Offered by 4SweetKDescription & Style: Pretty porcela porcelain flowersin flora porcelain flowersl trinket box. Colors pa porcelain flowersinted in flora porcelain flowersl design includ pea porcelain flowersch, purple, blue, yellow a porcelain flowersnd green. The box ha porcelain flowerss meta porcelain flowersllic gold trim a porcelain flowersround it. The box opens a porcelain flowersnd closes with ea porcelain flowersse. It is in good working condition. The flora porcelain flowersl design is a porcelain flowersround the outside of the box a porcelain flowerss well a porcelain flowerss on the top. There is a porcelain flowers gold sticker on bottom tha porcelain flowerst rea porcelain flowersds: NAPCOWARE IMPORT JAPAN - a porcelain flowersnd the numbers 8853 in gold meta porcelain flowersllic pa porcelain flowersint. Color: Gold Toned Meta porcelain flowersl, porcela porcelain flowersin, off white, ora porcelain flowersnge, purple, blue a porcelain flowersnd greenApproxima porcelain flowerste Size: 3 inches in dia porcelain flowersmeter, sta porcelain flowersnds 2.25 inches ta porcelain flowersllCondition: Very GoodApproxima porcelain flowerste Da porcelain flowerste: 1950s 1960sHa porcelain flowersllma porcelain flowersrks/signa porcelain flowersture: NAPCOWARE***************Definition of Condition:This guide is a porcelain flowersn a porcelain flowersttempt to demystify some of the words we use to ra porcelain flowerste the condition of the jewelry we a porcelain flowersre listing. Most vinta porcelain flowersge jewelry is used a porcelain flowersnd ma porcelain flowersy exhibit signs of wea porcelain flowersr, which is norma porcelain flowersl due to the a porcelain flowersge of some pieces. We describe ea porcelain flowersch piece individua porcelain flowerslly a porcelain flowersnd will point out a porcelain flowersny fla porcelain flowersws we find. Tha porcelain flowerst sa porcelain flowersid, here a porcelain flowersre some overa porcelain flowersrching descriptors a porcelain flowersnd wha porcelain flowerst they might mea porcelain flowersn inside a porcelain flowersn a porcelain flowersuction:Mint / Perfect: Self expla porcelain flowersna porcelain flowerstory - RARENea porcelain flowersr Mint / Perfect: Like new - no noted fla porcelain flowerswsExcellent: Minor fla porcelain flowersws which do not compromise the pieceVery Good: Minor fla porcelain flowersws, ea porcelain flowerssily repa porcelain flowersira porcelain flowersble a porcelain flowersnd wea porcelain flowersra porcelain flowersble fla porcelain flowersws. Most items fit in this ca porcelain flowerstegoryGood: Noted minor fla porcelain flowersws, most likely repa porcelain flowersira porcelain flowersble, wea porcelain flowersra porcelain flowersble with ca porcelain flowersre or a porcelain flowersfter repa porcelain flowersirFa porcelain flowersir: Noticea porcelain flowersble noted fla porcelain flowersws, some significa porcelain flowersnt, possibly wea porcelain flowersra porcelain flowersble or repa porcelain flowersira porcelain flowersbleAs Found: A piece tha porcelain flowerst is da porcelain flowersma porcelain flowersged beyond repa porcelain flowersir, recycle pa porcelain flowersrts,va porcelain flowerslua porcelain flowersble for resea porcelain flowersrch or for further study.IMPORTANT INFO: Although we do our best, photogra porcelain flowersphing jewelry for size reference ca porcelain flowersn be a porcelain flowers little tricky, a porcelain flowersnd often items look la porcelain flowersrger on screen. Colors ca porcelain flowersn a porcelain flowerslso va porcelain flowersry depending on computers. So, plea porcelain flowersse refer to the description of color a porcelain flowersnd mea porcelain flowerssurements for a porcelain flowersctua porcelain flowersl size. All items a porcelain flowersre described to the best of our knowledge. If you ha porcelain flowersve a porcelain flowersny questions, plea porcelain flowersse feel free to convo me. You, the buyer, a porcelain flowersre the fina porcelain flowersl judge a porcelain flowersfter viewing the photos a porcelain flowersnd rea porcelain flowersding the description.Most items ha porcelain flowersve been clea porcelain flowersned, but there ma porcelain flowersy be some a porcelain flowersdditiona porcelain flowersl clea porcelain flowersning tha porcelain flowerst will need to be done to meet the sta porcelain flowersnda porcelain flowersrds of the buyer.

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