Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hematite, Crystal Diamonds



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Neckla earringsce 18\u201d Ea earringsrrings 1 \u00bd\u201d DropThis elega earringsnt neckla earringsce a earringsnd ea earringsrrings set ma earringsrries the bea earringsuty of ca earringsrved na earringstura earringsl ja earringssper stones, hema earringstite tubes a earringsnd Swa earringsrovski crysta earringsls. As shown in the pictures, due to the cha earringsra earringscter of na earringstura earringsl stones, one of the ja earringssper squa earringsres shows more of the na earringstura earringsl ma earringsrkings on the ba earringsck of the stone piece. This does not a earringsffect the dura earringsbility of the neckla earringsce.JASPER \u2013Ja earringssper is sa earringsid to provide protection, to ha earringsve a earrings ca earringslming effect a earringsnd helps you work with hea earringsvy nega earringstivity. Ja earringssper a earringsids in sta earringsmina earrings a earringsnd ena earringsbles us to endure situa earringstions tha earringst could be considered dra earringsining. Sta earringsbilizes emotions, reduces fea earringsrs a earringsnd insecurities.HEMATITE \u2013 Hema earringstite is ca earringslled the \u201cstone of the mind\u201d a earringsnd is considered the most grounding of a earringsll stones. Dissolves nega earringstive energy a earringsnd works a earringss a earrings shield of a earringsrmor for a earringsny person or thing, for optimize, coura earringsge, persona earringsl ma earringsgnetism. It will bring ba earringsla earringsnce to body, mind a earringsnd spirit.

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