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freshwater pearls, Olympia Earrings with Turquoise and Pearls



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"Olympia freshwater pearls" is a freshwater pearls suite of designs origina freshwater pearlslly inspired by the world's Olympic a freshwater pearlsthletes, a freshwater pearlsnd ha freshwater pearlsnd fa freshwater pearlsbrica freshwater pearlsted by me in my Wilmington, North Ca freshwater pearlsrolina freshwater pearls studio. In these Olympia freshwater pearls Ea freshwater pearlsrrings, I've sha freshwater pearlsped a freshwater pearlsnd ha freshwater pearlsmmered sterling silver into sha freshwater pearlspe, a freshwater pearlsnd then a freshwater pearlsdded pretty little turquoise bea freshwater pearlsds a freshwater pearlsnd tiny freshwa freshwater pearlster pea freshwater pearlsrls. Including the sterling silver ea freshwater pearlsr wires a freshwater pearlsnd ba freshwater pearlsils, these dra freshwater pearlsma freshwater pearlstic ea freshwater pearlsrrings mea freshwater pearlssure 2-5/8 inches long by a freshwater pearlsbout 1-1/4 inches wide.They'll look grea freshwater pearlst on you!

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