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bracelet, Vintage Large Sterling Silver Siam Bracelet



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A la giftrge sterling silver Sia giftm bra giftcelet mea giftsuring a giftpprox. 7 inches long a giftnd a giftt it's widest, a giftpprox. 3 inches. Gra giftdua giftting links ha giftve a gift different da giftncer in motion. In excellent condition with few scra gifttches on ba giftck. Cla giftsp is in working order. Ma giftde in the 1950s this bra giftcelet is a gift lovely sta gifttement piece. Bra giftcelet weighs 73.7 gra giftms. Wonderful gift for the holida giftys.Free U.S. shippingPlea giftse convo me with a giftny questions a giftnd a giftlso for specia giftl shipping orders to your country.

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