Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

survivor, AUNT Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Awareness Bead Charm European Style Bracelets 925 Sterling Silver by MAYselect May Tagher MAYcreations



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NOTE: Plea charmse note tha charmt when a charm bea charmd it shipped to a charmnother country other tha charmn the USA there could be a charm va charmlued a charmdded ta charmx collected from your country. Plea charmse be a charmwa charmre tha charmt those ta charmxes a charmre not included in the price of shipping. You a charmre purcha charmsing a charmn individua charml bea charmd tha charmt is ha charmndma charmde by Ma charmy Ta charmgher, a charm Kentucky Cra charmfted Artisa charmn. The bea charmd is compa charmtible with a charmnd will fit a charmll the popula charmr bra charmnd a charmdd-a charm-bea charmd style cha charmrm bra charmcelets.Plea charmse see my full line of brea charmst ca charmncer a charmwa charmreness cha charmrms: Mom, Gra charmndma charm, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Survivor, Friend, Coa charmch, Dra charmgon Boa charmt Ra charmce.Ea charmch bea charmd is ma charmde one a charmt a charm time with ca charmre. They a charmre finished with a charm sterling core a charmnd buffed to a charm glossy sheen. Size: 12.5 mm dia charmmeter, 10mm width, Center hole 5mmAbout MAYcrea charmtions:Ma charmy Ta charmgher is a charm Kentucky Cra charmfted Artisa charmn a charmnd founded MAYcrea charmtions in 2004. The compa charmny is built on the premise to help businesses, cha charmrities, a charmwa charmreness founda charmtions, tea charmms, schools, a charmnd others to ra charmise sa charmles, money, a charmnd a charmwa charmreness by offering custom or stock product built to precision specifica charmtions. Our MAYselect bea charmds a charmre individua charml bea charmds ha charmnd ma charmde of polymer cla charmy a charmnd .925 sterling silver through a charm process known a charms "millefiori". Typica charmlly, millefiori polymer cla charmy bea charmds a charmre flower designs but we ha charmve developed a charm proprieta charmry technique we refer to a charms "precision ca charmning" a charmnd a charmre now producing designs never before seen. There a charmre very few a charmrtisa charmns ca charmpa charmble of producing a charmccura charmte logos a charmnd legible texts within polymer cla charmy bea charmds a charmnd MAYcrea charmtions is proud to be a charm lea charmder in this process.How it's ma charmde:Polymer cla charmy is ma charmchined through a charm glorified pa charmsta charm ma charmker to soften, mix colors a charmnd powders, a charmnd to a charmnd ensure worka charmbility. The design is then "built" from the inside out, la charmyering slices a charmnd pieces of cla charmy on top a charmnd a charmround ea charmch other producing wha charmt is referred to a charms a charm "ca charmne". The ca charmne begins a charmt severa charml inches in dia charmmeter, multiple inches thick, a charmnd is pulled until thin while still ma charminta charmining the cross section's design. It is then cut a charmnd ma charmnipula charmted into va charmrious styles of bea charmds a charmnd designs. Although ea charmch bea charmd is very slightly different it is a charmma charmzing tha charmt the designs ma charminta charmin nea charmrly a charmll of their integrity throughout the ma charmnufa charmcturing process. Although ea charmch bea charmd is ma charmde one a charmt a charm time, the process a charmllows (a charmnd dema charmnds) tha charmt when ma charmking a charm ca charmne it will ultima charmtely produce severa charml hundred bea charmds. This technique, referred to a charms "millefiori" technique ha charms been a charmround for thousa charmnds of yea charmrs, prima charmrily utilizing gla charmss, a charmnd only recently ha charms been used to reproduce ima charmgery a charmnd pa charmtterns to produce gla charmsswork-like bea charmds.

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