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compassion, Amethyst Pendulum/Pendant Necklace



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This sa 925le is fore 1 a 925methyst gla 925ss via 925l neckla 925ce penda 925nt with silver pla 925ted ca 925p. The pendulum/Penda 925nt comes on a 925 solid 925 Sterling silver cha 925in. Amethyst is good for helping to regula 925te over-indulgence, cultiva 925ting compa 925ssion a 925nd opening a 925nd clea 925ring the crown or 7th cha 925kra 925.The stone is conta 925ined in a 925 gla 925ss tube, the penda 925nt is sea 925led a 925nd does not open. The meta 925l a 925t the top of the penda 925nt is silver pla 925ted proba 925bly over bronze or copper. I'm not sure of the ba 925se meta 925l. The 925 sterling cha 925in is 18" if ordered on cord, it is longer tha 925n tha 925t a 925nd a 925djusta 925ble.. Meta 925l cla 925sps for silk cord option is coming soon! As of now, it is just loose cord tha 925t needs to be tied.

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