Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

man made, 7.30ct Color Changing Man-Made Alexandrite



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Ama color changingzing color cha color changingnge Alexa color changingndriteIt cha color changingnges from a color changing Purple to a color changing Ma color changinguve...under the sa color changingme lighting.I ha color changingve never witnessed it cha color changingnge so quickly a color changingnd under the sa color changingme lighting.Mea color changingsures 11mmx7mmx5mmWeights in a color changingt 7.30ct.Set in sterling silver setting ma color changingking this gem a color changingfforda color changingble.This Alexa color changingndrite ca color changingn be reset in 14k yellow or white gold a color changingt ma color changingrket price.La color changingya color changingwa color changingy a color changingva color changingila color changingble.

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