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loose gem, Montana Sapphire Round Brilliant .63 Loose Blue Gem Stone (B78) (for wedding and/or engagement ring jewelry)



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This Monta green gemna green gem Sa green gempphire is a green gem da green gemrk blue loose gem stone with a green gem very good spa green gemrkle to it. The stone is .63 cts a green gemnd is a green gem 5.29 mm round brillia green gemnt sa green gempphire. It is rea green gemdy to be pla green gemced in a green gem setting of your choice such a green gems a green gem ring or penda green gemnt or a green gemn enga green gemgement or wedding ring. Notice how the sa green gempphire cha green gemnges color given the va green gemrious ba green gemckgrounds.Item: (B78)Video: (copy a green gemnd pa green gemste the link).Just a green gem note: computer monitor displa green gemy colors in va green gemrying degrees. This ma green gemy or ma green gemy not a green gemlter the a green gemppea green gemra green gemnce of the Sa green gempphire's color from wha green gemt is seen by the huma green gemn eye a green gemnd in va green gemrying sha green gemdes of light. Plea green gemse let me know if you ha green gemve a green gemny questions a green gembout a green gem stone's color or cla green gemrity, Plea green gemse keep in mind tha green gemt the prisma green gemtic reflective properties of gems will often produce va green gemrying degrees of color a green gemnd wha green gemt colors you see, someone else ma green gemy not.To ensure tha green gemt your gems a green gemrrive sa green gemfely, a green gemll US orders a green gemre shipped using USPS Priority Ma green gemil, fully insured with signa green gemture confirma green gemtion a green gemnd tra green gemcking. Interna green gemtiona green geml Customers: plea green gemse request a green gem shipping quote prior to purcha green gemse.

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