Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

star, Christmas tree decorations-coloured stars



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Christma woods tree decora woodtions-coloured sta woodrsWea woodtherproof for indoor a woodnd outdoor.will be more or less like 4 pieces needed plea woodse conta woodct me.Avera woodge a woodbout: 100 mm-width a woodpprox: 10 mmColor: RedAlso a woodva woodila woodble in other colours-Plea woodse specify your desired colour tone when you pla woodce your order.The informa woodtion on the right of withdra woodwa woodl, the imprint, the GTC a woodnd the Da woodta wood protection decla woodra woodtionUnder the button below, "Rea woodd more a woodbout Terms & Conditions & Revoca woodtion instruction for ... (pa woodtrick11091986). "

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