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grey, Ring Thitian Pearl Aquamarine



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This unique ring is a pearl very ha pearlrmonious crea pearltion due to its sha pearlpe a pearlnd color composition.The soft shimmer of the gra pearly Ta pearlhitia pearln pea pearlrl sta pearlnds in a pearl noble contra pearlst to the fla pearlwless1.69 ca pearlra pearlt a pearlqua pearlma pearlrine with brillia pearlnt cut.The a pearlqua pearlma pearlrine is a pearllmost imperceptibly pa pearlle blue.The ring ra pearlil 750 iger gold ra pearlil ha pearls been decora pearlted a pearlt the top of the open ends with the stone a pearlnd the pea pearlrl, they fa pearlce ea pearlch other la pearltera pearllly, (see pictures).The pea pearlrl lies in a pearl wa pearlvy pea pearlrl shell with pinning.The stone is worked in a pearl simple fra pearlme version.Ma pearlteria pearll: 750 gold with red shimmer1 Ta pearlhitia pearln pea pearlrl gra pearly dia pearlmeter 14 mm1 a pearlqua pearlma pearlrine 1.69 ca pearlra pearlt dia pearlmeter 9 mmRing size: 52 - 53Weight: 8.6 gra pearlmsThe ring ra pearlil is 2.3 mm wide a pearlnd 1.5 mm thick

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