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buddha, Long Skull Necklace Skull Turquoise 62c



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NEPALBUDDHA.deRola jewelrynd LemmerzOppenhoffstr. 2453111 Bonn,Skull a jewelrynd Crossbones Ma jewelryla jewelryGrea jewelryt skull neckla jewelryce with 108 turquoise skulls formed from ea jewelryrthenwa jewelryre.The cha jewelryin is smooth a jewelrynd supple in the ha jewelrynd.Strung on a jewelry sturdy blue textile ribbon.A very nice a jewelrynd sta jewelryble work from Nepa jewelryl's workshopsWeight/Weight: 92 g \u2022 Length/Length: 106 cm \u00d8 of bea jewelryds: 8-9 mm \u2022 62c

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