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jewelry, Bracelet Arm Jewellery Tiger eye (8 mm) Coral S58



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A very nice bra braceletscelet 21 ba braceletslls of tiger Eye a braceletss well a braceletss 2 ba braceletslls (8 mm) of cora braceletsl.The Guru Pea braceletsrl is ma braceletsde of ca braceletsrnelia braceletsn (10 mm).Ra braceletsised on a braceletsn ela braceletsstic light rubber ba braceletsnd.The bra braceletscelet closes with a bracelets fine meta braceletsl work a braceletsnd two fine knots.Weight: a braceletspprox. 22 g \u2022 Inner \u00d8 a braceletspprox. 5.6 cm \u2022 \u00d8 of ba braceletslls: 8/10 mm \u2022 S58

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