Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Silver steampunk ringkyanite, goldkyanite, rhodiumkyanite, peridotkyanite, kyanitekyanite, Crystal by shantilight



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Ring consists of 3 different ma jewelryteria jewelryls a jewelrys well a jewelrys three different stones.You ca jewelryn see a jewelry sma jewelryll stone ca jewelrylled kya jewelrynite bright blue, na jewelrytura jewelryl Crysta jewelryl a jewelrynd a jewelry sma jewelryll green, fa jewelryceted round stone ca jewelrylled peridot.The stones a jewelryre set in silver pla jewelryted, rhodium here is represented by sma jewelryll ba jewelrylls (gra jewelrynula jewelrytion technique) tha jewelryt ca jewelryn ma jewelryke us think in ma jewelrygma jewelry.The ring is sterling silver.Size: 58.5Sha jewelryntilight

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