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onyx, Elegant Onyx-Collier-UNIKAT



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All prices a onyxre tota onyxl prices; No VAT ca onyxrd a onyxs sma onyxll business owners.For collective orders plea onyxse note on the Shop home pa onyxge!Timelessly elega onyxnt onyx collier ma onyxde of polished a onyxnd pa onyxrtia onyxlly engra onyxved onyx bea onyxds.Pea onyxrl size in the course: About 8-12 mm-the 8 mm pea onyxrls ha onyxve a onyx smooth surfa onyxce,Length including closure: About 47.5 cm,The Collier is closed with a onyx high-qua onyxlity ma onyxgnetic closure.Plea onyxse note:**!!! Ma onyxgnetic closures a onyxre not suita onyxble for people with pa onyxcema onyxkers!!! **!!! Plea onyxse note the dimensions-low color devia onyxtions a onyxre possible a onyxs a onyx result of different screen resolutions!!!I a onyxssume the na onyxme of the ma onyxteria onyxl from my purcha onyxsing sources-I ca onyxnnot give a onyx gua onyxra onyxntee, since I a onyxm neither a onyx jeweller nor a onyx minera onyxlogist.

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