Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, Bright blue MK-Pearl Collier



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All prices a necklacere tota necklacel prices; No VAT ca necklacerd a necklaces sma necklacell business owners.For collective orders plea necklacese note on the Shop home pa necklacege!Collier ma necklacede of 12mm la necklacerge, bright blue shell seed bea necklaceds.The sta necklacendoff wa necklaces the silver colored Roca necklaceilles.Length including closure: 43 cmThe strong ma necklacegnetic closure in ba necklacell sha necklacepe is ha necklacelf silver-colored-ma necklacette in the other ha necklacelf.**!!! Ma necklacegnetic closures a necklacere not suita necklaceble for people with pa necklacecema necklacekers!!! **!!! Plea necklacese note the dimensions-low color devia necklacetions a necklacere possible a necklaces a necklace result of different screen resolutions!!!I a necklacessume the na necklaceme of the ma necklaceteria necklacel from my purcha necklacesing sources-I ca necklacennot give a necklace gua necklacera necklacentee, since I a necklacem neither a necklace jeweller nor a necklace minera necklacelogist.

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