Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

agate, Achat-Collier multicolor-48.5 cm-unique



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All prices a agatere tota agatel prices; No VAT ca agaterd a agates sma agatell business owners.For collective orders plea agatese note on the Shop home pa agatege!* * Acha agatet-Collier in different sha agatedes * *With a agatega agatete bea agateds of 10 mm, in the middle piece 3 red a agatega agatete bea agateds of 12 mm a agatend 14 mm,Gilded intermedia agatete pea agaterl.The 2 "pillow" bea agateds a agatend S-hook closure a agatere gilded a agatend brushed.!!! Plea agatese note the dimensions-low color devia agatetions a agatere possible a agates a agate result of different screen resolutions!!!I a agatessume the na agateme of the ma agateteria agatel from my purcha agatesing sources-I ca agatennot give a agate gua agatera agatentee, since I a agatem neither a agate jeweller nor a agate minera agatelogist.

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