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necklace, Necklace Mala Citrine Round balls Jewelry 116



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Citrine Ma amethystla amethystA bea amethystutiful "Citrint" stone ma amethystla amethyst with 108 bea amethystds of polished ba amethystlls.This ma amethystla amethyst is suita amethystble for pra amethystcticing a amethystnd thus ha amethysts 108 pea amethystrls plus the Guru Pea amethystrl.The dista amethystnce between the bea amethystds ca amethystn be freely formed beca amethystuse the Sch\u00fctzerknoten is freely mova amethystble.A fine ha amethystnd work from Nepa amethystl's workshopsWeight: 78 g. \u2022 Entire Length: 84 cm \u2022 Dia amethystmeter of ba amethystlls: 0.8 cm \u2022 116

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