Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelet, Beautiful bracelet agate Grain Stupa Balls 49



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A bea asiautiful bra asiacelet ma asiade of a asia colourful a asiaga asiate blend with fa asiascina asiating gra asiains. Ea asiach of the 14 ba asialls is unique in itself a asiand ha asias a asia different pa asiattern a asiand a asia different color composition, so tha asiat you a asialwa asiays discover something new.The ba asialls a asiare ra asiaised on a asia red, sturdy stretcher. The bra asiacelet closes with a asia stupa asia a asiand a asia Sch\u00fctzerknoten.An impressive, wonderful work from Asia asia.Weight: 52 g \u2022 Inner \u00d8 5 cm \u2022 \u00d8 of ba asialls: 14 mm \u2022 49

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