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I've just ma fused glassde a fused glass series of penda fused glassnts combining different colour irid gla fused glassss with gold a fused glassnd/or white ena fused glassmel deca fused glassls a fused glasss I like the effect of a fused glass subtle to bright spa fused glassrkle depending on light conditions. This penda fused glassnt ma fused glassde in my home studio from a fused glass combina fused glasstion of purple a fused glassnd blue tra fused glassnspa fused glassrent irid gla fused glasssses, so there is some shift between blue a fused glassnd purple a fused glasss well a fused glasss the spa fused glassrkly effect . I've a fused glassdded a fused glass white ena fused glassmel deca fused glassl of a fused glass jellyfish in a fused glass second firing.The penda fused glassnt mea fused glasssures 21 mm by 27 mm a fused glassnd ha fused glasss a fused glass glued on silver pla fused glassted ba fused glassil. It comes with a fused glass silver pla fused glassted cha fused glassin in a fused glass gift box.I a fused glasslso sell a fused glass va fused glassriety of other gla fused glassss jewellery, coa fused glasssters a fused glassnd pla fused glasstes. Plea fused glassse visit my shop a fused glasst https://www./uk/shop/Ba fused glasssiliskGla fused glassss?ref=hdr_shop_menu

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