Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver tone, Necklace set of 3 silver tone chain with crystal Rhinestone Vintage C'1980's



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This set of 3 pretty neckla crystal rhinestoneces with silver tone cha crystal rhinestonein a crystal rhinestonend a crystal rhinestone single crysta crystal rhinestonel rhinestone penda crystal rhinestonent.The cha crystal rhinestonein is a crystal rhinestonepprox 16 "They a crystal rhinestonere quite a crystal rhinestone ba crystal rhinestonerga crystal rhinestonein a crystal rhinestonend a crystal rhinestonere idea crystal rhinestonel for pa crystal rhinestonerty fa crystal rhinestonevours or even resa crystal rhinestonele. They would be a crystal rhinestone pretty a crystal rhinestoneddition to a crystal rhinestoneny la crystal rhinestonedies jewellery box.They were pa crystal rhinestonert of a crystal rhinestone la crystal rhinestonerge lot of jewellery a crystal rhinestonend jewellery components tha crystal rhinestonet I purcha crystal rhinestonesed some yea crystal rhinestoners a crystal rhinestonego a crystal rhinestonend ha crystal rhinestoned beenin stora crystal rhinestonege since the 1980'. Despite their a crystal rhinestonege a crystal rhinestonend being in stora crystal rhinestonege they a crystal rhinestonere in excellent vinta crystal rhinestonege condition.As is often the ca crystal rhinestonese with my vinta crystal rhinestonege items stock is very limited.

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