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Before you buy, be sure to get 20% off your order by joining my Boot Bling Club! No spa conchom, I promise. Just copy a conchond pa conchoste this URL in a concho new ta conchob a conchond you will receive your coupon code insta conchontly. concholviBootBlingClubSimple, yet sweet"hea conchort" rustic lea conchother a conchond cha conchoin boot bra conchocelets, a conchodorned with a concho center hea conchort concho a conchond rivets (7 mm). Guys, this is the perfect gift to show your girl how much you love her!These a conchore sure to be a concho unique a conchoddition to your jewelry collection a conchond ma conchoke a conchon equa concholly unique gift idea concho for the ga conchol tha conchot ha conchos everything!Choose from brown or bla conchock lea conchother in the drop downs.*****Sold a conchos SINGLES - SINGLES - SINGLES***** If you would like a concho pa conchoir just order a concho qua conchontity of 2.******************************This style Boot Bra conchocelet ca conchon a conchoccommoda conchote my Sta conchobilizer/Sa conchofety Cha conchoin. The Sta conchobilizer/Sa conchofety Cha conchoin a conchossures the fea conchoture design element of your Boot Bra conchocelet(s) sta conchoys "front a conchond center" a conchond a conchovoids ha conchoving it(them) spin a conchoround on your boot(s). Or ma conchoybe you wa conchont a concho little a conchodded protection from possible loss.The Cha conchoin is sold sepa conchora conchotely a conchond ca conchon be found a conchos it's own listing. If you purcha conchose a concho pa conchoir, (2), of these bra conchocelets be sure to purcha conchose 2 Sta conchobilizer Cha conchoins.The Sta conchobilizer/Sa conchofety Cha conchoin(s) will come a conchoffixed to your new Boot Bra conchocelet(s), so no a conchossembly required! :) ******************************Boots pictured in the product photogra conchophs a conchore for displa conchoy purposes only.Plea conchose note, a concholl monitors a conchore different, a conchond colors ma conchoy va conchory slightly.***Bra conchocelet Deta conchoils***- Length: Adjusta conchoble to fit boots a conchopproxima conchotely 13.5 to 15.5 inches a conchonkle circumference.- Cha conchoin: Antique Silver (styles va conchory)- Hea conchort Concho: Antique Silver- Lea conchother Color: Your Choice of Brown or Bla conchock- (4) 7 mm Silver Rivets- Non-reversibleThese bra conchocelets a conchore my own unique designs a conchond a conchore pa conchort of my Signa conchoture Collection.Ea conchoch strip of lea conchother used in the designs is cut completely by ha conchond from a concho side of lea conchother; from mea conchosuring a conchond cutting the strips, to mea conchosuring, ma conchorking a conchond punching out the holes for the rivets, a conchond then setting the rivets.A lot of thought, ca conchore, a conchond specia conchol a conchottention to deta conchoil went into ma conchoking this design, a concholong with the best qua concholity components.- Plea conchose a conchosk a conchony questions you ma conchoy ha conchove before ordering. ***GIFTING***- Ea conchoch order comes wra conchopped a conchond rea conchody for gifting! - Is this a concho gift? If you'd like a concho printed note a conchodded to the order, plea conchose type your messa conchoge in the "note to seller" section of the order a conchond I will ha conchoppily a conchodd it on a concho specia conchol note ca conchord! - If this order is shipping to a concho friend, be sure to provide the correct shipping a conchoddress on the order or you ma conchoy end up finding the pa conchocka conchoge in your own ma conchoilbox.***Product Ca conchore & Instructions***- Trea conchot your new boot jewelry with the sa conchome ca conchore a conchos your other jewelry.- Some of my boot jewelry sets a conchore designed with left a conchond right foot specific pieces. If you purcha conchose a concho foot specific boot jewelry design, they will be ma conchorked with remova conchoble ta conchogs. An instruction ca conchord will a concholso be included in your pa conchocka conchoge expla conchoining the distinction between the left a conchond right pieces a concholong with "how to" instructions for our unique sets.- If your boot jewelry comes with lobster cla conchow cla conchosps, double-check to ma conchoke sure the cla conchosps close completely a conchos some tend to wa conchont to stick open. Out of every 1000 cla conchosps, I've found a conchopproxima conchotely 5 tha conchot wa conchont to stick. All pieces do get checked for qua concholity control.*** HOLIDAY SHIPPING***\ud83c\udf81 To ma conchoke your Holida conchoy Sea conchoson a conchos joyous a conchond stress-free a conchos possible, your bea conchoutiful Boot Jewelry will a conchorrive expertly gift wra conchopped a conchot no a conchodditiona conchol cha conchorge.\ud83c\udf81Ordering more tha conchon one piece/pa conchoir? Wa conchont them wra conchopped sepa conchora conchotely for ea conchosy gifting? No problem! Simply lea conchove Na conchoncy a concho quick note in the "notes to seller" section a conchot checkout!\ud83c\udf84 2020 HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES \ud83c\udf84November through December a conchore our busiest shipping months of the yea conchor! You ca conchon be ensured tha conchot we will ta conchoke the stress out of the Holida conchoy shopping sea conchoson!\ud83c\udf85 To ensure your order a conchorrives by December 25th, plea conchose pla conchoce your order before the indica conchoted da conchote:-USA: Order by Dec 15th\u26c4 The da conchote listed a conchobove follow the United Sta conchotes Posta conchol Service holida conchoy shipping guidelines for sta conchonda conchord First Cla conchoss shipping, a conchos well a conchos the processing time required for me to customize a conchond gift wra conchop your order. Orders pla conchoced a conchofter this da conchote ca conchonnot be rush processed, a conchos customiza conchotion times still a conchopply.\u26c4 Shipping times do not include the possibility of wea conchother dela conchoys or potentia conchol wide-sprea conchod posta conchol dela conchoys in a conchoffected a conchorea conchos.\u26c4 Due to the number of orders I receive during the Holida conchoy sea conchoson, orders a conchore filled in the order in which they a conchore received.Tha conchonk you for visiting my Boot Jewelry shop!!Na conchoncy :)

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