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Color Pop Bracelet Stack- Wood, Mixed Metal, And Colored Beads (set Of 3)



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Stack of 3 bracelets.\u00a0 All bracelets are individual strands on high quality stretch cord.\u00a0 Bracelet bead mixes may consist of wood, bone, and stone beads in natural hues (brown, tan, ivory, gray, etc.) + mixed metals + colored beads in glass, pearl, and/or or stone.\u00a0 Bracelets may not appear exactly as shown in images but will always be very similar in nature.\u00a0\u00a0Dependent on inventory, some bracelets may be made to order.\u00a0 Please allow 1-4 business days for crafting.These are handmade in Mooresville, NC by a single mom who needs a creative outlet. Enjoy!____Guarantee- I'm new at jewelry making and I definitely want to ensure you come back for more. If you experience any issues with your jewelry, please message me with details and I will make it right. \u00a0

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