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10k Gold Geo Drop Earrings With Woodbeads, Pearlbeads, & Glass Beads



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Light weight, ha beadsnd bea beadsded drop ea beadsrrings in 10K gold.\u00a beads0 Neutra beadsl bea beadsds include wood, pea beadsrls, Czech gla beadsss.\u00a beads0These a beadsre ha beadsndma beadsde in Mooresville, NC by a beads single mom who needs a beads crea beadstive outlet. Enjoy!____Weight info: Everyone ha beadss different weight tolera beadsnces for the ea beadsrlobes. I've tried to indica beadste where my ea beadsrrings fa beadsll, so you'll be a beadswa beadsre before you purcha beadsse. I persona beadslly ca beadsn't go beyond medium weight which I ca beadsn tolera beadste through a beads da beadsy in the office or a beads night out. Hea beadsvy weight will be the ma beadsjor sta beadstement ea beadsrrings but will not be suita beadsble for everyone.Light Weight= fea beadsther light (studs, polymer cla beadsys, sma beadsll gla beadsss bea beadsds)Medium Weight= More structured ea beadsrrings with bea beadsdingsHea beadsvy Weight= More intrica beadste, structured sta beadstement ea beadsrrings with gemstones or hea beadsvy bea beadsding.____Gua beadsra beadsntee- I'm new a beadst jewelry ma beadsking a beadsnd I definitely wa beadsnt to ensure you come ba beadsck for more. If you experience a beadsny issues with your jewelry, plea beadsse DM with deta beadsils me a beadsnd I will ma beadske it right. \u00a beads0\u00a beads0

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