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garden quartz, silver pendant silver jewelry ethnic stone natural lodolite Shantilight



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Gem: LODOLITE or QUARTZ JARDINSILVER PENDANTNa ethnic jewelrytura ethnic jewelryl StoneSilver penda ethnic jewelrynt a ethnic jewelrynd na ethnic jewelrytura ethnic jewelryl lodolite stone.Ethnic penda ethnic jewelrynt consisting of solid silver a ethnic jewelrynd a ethnic jewelry na ethnic jewelrytura ethnic jewelryl gem-sha ethnic jewelryped, tra ethnic jewelrynspa ethnic jewelryrent stone.Inside, you ca ethnic jewelryn see like moss, this stone is ca ethnic jewelrylled lodolite or ga ethnic jewelryrden qua ethnic jewelryrtz.Dimensions: 3.5 cm on 1.6 cmWeight: 7.89gSHANTILIGHT

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