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larimar, Larimar shantilight natural stone jewelry ethnic earrings



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Gem: LARIMARSILVER EARRINGSNATURAL STONESSilver ea fashion accessoriesrrings, la fashion accessoriesrima fashion accessoriesr na fashion accessoriestura fashion accessoriesl stone jewelry.Ethnic ea fashion accessoriesrrings composed of silver 92.5% a fashion accessoriesnd two blue-colored stones sky, like the ocea fashion accessoriesn, in the sha fashion accessoriespe of a fashion accessories ma fashion accessoriesrquee ca fashion accessorieslled la fashion accessoriesrima fashion accessoriesr.This jewel will brighten up your outfits a fashion accessoriesnd enha fashion accessoriesnce you.Length: 4.5 cmWeight: 10gSHANTILIGHT

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